So, when we put Top Gun at Cotswold Airport on sale during the first week of January for a screening at the end of August, we quietly told ourselves not to get too excited just yet, and not to worry if tickets didn’t start to sell until around Easter, when people start thinking about the warmer nights and summer holidays.

We then sat and watched, open-mouthed like a pilot hitting mach speed for the first time, as the event promptly sold out in no time at all. 500 tickets. Just like that. Clearly there was only one thing to do. Add a second night, no brainer.

And so, on Friday 24th August, the night before the sold out 25th August screening, we’ll be preparing for take off for another big night in the cockpits of Maverick, Goose and that pesky Iceman.

You can grab your tickets by clicking here, but don’t hang about…we feel the need for speed in a situation like this…

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