If any advertised shows are cancelled due to the current situation, you’ll be given a full refund. If shows are postponed, and you can’t make the new date, full refunds will also be given. We’re nice like that! 

Personal Health: if you are shielding, or experiencing symptoms associated with Covid-19, please do not attend. We will be happy to offer you a voucher for a future screening, or for you to give your ticket to someone else.

On Arrival: please park your vehicle in the event parking area and follow directions to the screening location, observing social distancing at all times. Please give your name to our ticket office team on arrival so they can check you and your guests off the list of customers, before being directed towards the seating area.

Social Distancing Seating Arrangements (Standard Entry Tickets – Bring Your Own Seat): seating pitches will be laid out in front of the screen with 2m x 2m spaces provided for each group (maximum four people per group). Chairs must be positioned with two in front and two behind, all facing the screen. Members of each group must be from the same family or social bubble. If you will be visiting with another group, or there are more than four of you, please arrange to arrive at the same time and meet up onsite so you can be allocated pitches alongside each other. Adjoining pitches are not guaranteed, but we will try! Pitches will be allocated from front to back, on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t forget to bring your own low-backed camping chair or deckchair with you!

Social Distancing Seating Arrangements (Premium Seats – Reserved Deckchairs): customers who have purchased premium deckchair seats will have seats pre-positioned at the front of the venue, reserved by name and distanced by us prior to arrival. Please do not move the seats. All deckchairs will have been cleaned and sanitised prior to use. We won’t be providing complimentary blankets to use with these seats this summer. Please feel free to bring your own blankets instead.

Using Aisles: there will be 1m+ through routes on all sides of each 2m seating pitch to allow for arrival, departure and toilet trips. Please respect social distancing arrangements and each other when moving around at the event and follow instructions from event security and stewards.

Toilets: there will be individual toilet facilities on site, with a minimum 2m spacing between each toilet. These will be regularly cleaned and sanitised throughout the event, and ample hand sanitising facilities will be available on site.

Food and Drink: please check the individual event you’re interested in to see if food and drink will be on sale, or if you can bring your own. This will vary from one venue to another.

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