The Greatest Showman is already proving to be the big outdoor cinema seller for 2018. While eighties classics including The Lost Boys, Top Gun, Labyrinth and The Goonies are all as popular as ever, they’ve got a serious contender on their hands in the shape of Hugh Jackman and his hit troupe of performers.

Despite lukewarm reviews from the entertainment media on its initial release (hey, what do they know anyway?), Showman has continued to draw bigger and bigger audiences since Christmas and is still performing brilliantly at the box office, while also picking up award nominations and, crucially, striking a chord with fans who love the story, performances, songs and visuals.

We’re so excited to be screening it a number of times this summer, and having to add extra screenings in response to customer demand. And we’re not just saying that as a bit of lazy marketing, we genuinely have had fans begging us to add more dates. Happy to oblige!

Looks like the summer of circus is on its way. Roll up!

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