A few customers have been asking if our remaining shows in September will be going ahead following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday about no social gatherings bigger than six people.

As the government didn’t make it very clear, we’re pleased to confirm that our screenings CAN go ahead, as long as each group sitting in an allocated, socially distanced pitch is from the same family or social bubble. If you’re coming with friends from outside your bubble, you simply take as many pitches as needed, all alongside each other but safely spaced apart.

The gatherings that Boris is trying to prevent are unregulated, social get-togethers, rather than professionally organised, safe, regulated events such as ours and those of our colleagues in the outdoor entertainment world.

We’ve been running COVID Safe screenings since the end of July, and are pretty confident we’re running things in the most considered and responsible way possible. So, in a nutshell, on with the show! 😁

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