Christmas is coming, so what’s to do? We’ve got a great idea. Build a beautiful, twinkling, sumptuous pavilion on the lawn of a stunning hotel and spa, overlooking a grand lake and gardens, and turn it into an intimate pop-up cinema, complete with comfy seats, mulled wine, winter punch, popcorn and traditional sweets and the greatest festive rom-com ever, Love Actually!

Sunday 10th and Monday 11th December are the dates, and tickets are on sale now, although Sunday is already sold out. Cowley Manor is one of our favourite open air and pop-up cinema locations in the universe, and following a great set of summer shows with them, we’re back again for this Christmas Special.

And then we’ll have more screenings there next year, as part of our spring/summer 2018 season. And they’re going to be EPIC. Watch this space…


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