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Aside from open air cinema, for more than 15 years our team have worked in the outdoor events industry, planning and delivering prestigious festivals and experiences for audiences big and small. Smallest audience? Around 50 people. Biggest one? Oh, 300,000. No big deal (it was really, we’re just being flippant to try and look cool).

Food festivals, music festivals, fireworks, urban beaches, Christmas markets, comedy clubs, silent discos, not-so-silent discos, garden festivals, immersive film screenings, open air theatre, cabaret dinners, VIP parties and venue launches, we’ve done all these and more.

Although we have a huge amount of fun doing our job, we’re also hugely focussed and committed to delivering excellence; brilliant events that hit the mark, on time, on budget, safely, smoothly, every time.

Whether you need a few hours’ consultation on your event ideas to help them become reality or longer term, fully supported project management and delivery to see an event through from the planning stage to the post event debrief (and with the live event bit in the middle), we can help with:

  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Booking of performers and event content
  • Look and feel, branding, visuals and décor
  • Event infrastructure and technical/production
  • Licencing, health and safety
  • Security, stewarding, first aid and cleaning
  • Traffic and crowd management

We don’t pretend to be experts in every single area of every event, but we always know someone who is, and we’ll bring them to the table so we can make it happen together.


Do screenings get cancelled due to bad weather?

We’ll always try to carry on regardless of the weather. However, if we do have to cancel due to bad weather (very heavy rain or high winds) we’ll offer replacement tickets for an alternative event wherever possible. Keep one eye on the weather forecast, our website and social media channels before the event.

What should I wear?

Unfortunately we’re Britain, not the Bahamas. It’s sensible to bring blankets or extra layers to add as needed as night falls; hot summer days can become balmy summer evenings and then chilly summer nights even during a heatwave! Rain showers have occasionally crept up on us too, probably best to have something waterproof with you, just in case. No umbrellas though, they tend to upset the people sitting in front of you. Bring a torch, too. They’re pretty handy after dark.

How and when will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are e-mailed to you shortly after booking through our ticketing partner. You can print these off and bring them along or simply show them to us on your phone on the night.

What if I forget my tickets?

You silly sausage. Quick check before leaving home: keys, money, phone, bank card, EVENT TICKETS. It’s not difficultt. Or if we were being nicer about it, please try and remember them as tickets are required for all adults and children. If you have forgotten, we’ll have a list of bookers and we can check this when you arrive, but it might take a little longer to get in. And the people queuing behind you will start muttering, like we Brits do.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?

If a screening is advertised as ‘sold out’ that will mean that there are absolutely no tickets available online or at the venue. If the screening isn’t advertised as ‘sold out’, then we will have limited tickets available at the venue. Our events are really popular and generally do sell out, so if you turn up only to discover that we sold the last two tickets to the annoyingly smug couple who got there just a moment before you, we can only apologise!

What’s your refund policy?

Unfortunately once your ticket is booked we can’t offer refunds, however we have no problem with you giving it or selling it to someone else (face value only please, let’s be nice!), or alternatively we can try to swap your booking for an alternative screening/venue if possible.

Is seating provided or should we bring our own?

At some screenings we supply a limited number of pre-bookable deckchairs and recliner beanbags complete with blankets (these will be listed as ‘Premium Ticket’ on our booking pages if any are still available), and these will be positioned as the ‘best seats in the house’ before gates open.

Other than that we don’t provide seating, we would recommend you bring picnic blankets or camping chairs. Those sitting on blankets will be asked to sit near the front, with those on chairs to the sides or further back, so that everyone can see.

What am I not allowed to bring in to the event?

No glass of any kind is allowed in the event area. No barbeques, tents, umbrellas or dogs (other than assistance dogs) are permitted. Needless to say, no fireworks, flares, weapons, knives, nasty stuff. Let’s be nice, life’s too short.

Are there toilets?

If the venue doesn’t have its own facilities, we’ll provide portable toilets, including accessible units.

What time do screenings begin?

We never advertise an exact film start time as we have to wait for the sun to set before lighting up the big screen, and this time varies throughout the year (but you probably knew that already!). During Spring/Summer seasons, we generally begin between 8pm and 9.30pm at the very latest (we’re talking Summer Solstice here!), but it can be a lot earlier if we’re doing something for Halloween or Christmas. We will of course advise via our social media channels on the day of the screening. Either way, gates will open nice and early with food, drink, and sometimes live music or DJs to keep you entertained until sundown.

Do you serve food and drink?

You betcha! That means ‘yes’, in American. At all venues we bring along the best regional street food and drink producers we can find, and we’ve been involved in Food Festivals for a number of years, so we’ve got lots of great contacts! Bigger events will have a range of bars and food producers, smaller ones might just have a couple, but you can always expect great quality. We’ll advise via social media who exactly is going to be tickling your taste buds from one event to the next.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

We’re afraid not. Only food and drink purchased inside the screening venues can be consumed onsite. And it’s so delicious you won’t mind. Glass is also strictly forbidden in any venue, for the safety of customers.

Will there be parking?

Generally yes, but please check individual event information in this regard. We’ll always try to find venues with parking close to the screening area, but if we’re heading into a deep, dark wood or something similarly unorthodox to bring you a unique movie experience, it can prove a bit tricky.

Are venues wheelchair friendly?

Wherever possible we find venues that are accessible for all, however in some more unusual venues this can prove almost impossible. Please check details on each individual event for further information regarding accessibility.

Are children permitted?

Yes, children are more than welcome as long as they are the correct age for the film’s certificate. We’re not letting little Leatherface in to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, even if his costume is really authentic. Photo ID is recommended to be safe, just like at the normal cinema. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged two and under can go free, but must sit on a parent/guardian’s lap, unless otherwise stated at the time of booking.

Are dogs allowed?

Assistance dogs are more than welcome to attend screenings as long as they’re well behaved (and they usually are, they’re trained for that kind of thing). Unfortunately, no other dogs are allowed as this may spoil the enjoyment of the screening for other members of the audience.

Can I smoke?

For the enjoyment of all audience members, smoking is only permitted to the rear of the venue, and away from the seated audience. Some venues will not allow smoking at all, so please refer to the screening details for full information.


Does it have to be dark before screenings begin?

Yes, for the screening to work properly we advise starting at sunset although if you are in a shaded area, such as woods or in the shadow of a stately home (hey, it happens!) then you can sometimes start earlier, around dusk. Once we begin discussing an event date with you, we can advise on start time. You can find UK sunset times by clicking here.

You bring all the film equipment, but what do I need to do?

We will indeed bring everything you need for people to see and hear the film in great quality. We can also bring some seating, lighting and all kinds of other kit and entertainment if needed. We’ll talk to you about this (not in a salesperson kind of way!).

If it’s a private screening (ie on your own land for invited guests, and you’re not charging entry), that’s pretty much it, other than plugging into your home or garden power supply if possible. If not, we can bring a small generator at no extra cost.

If you’re staging a ‘commercial screening’ (ie open to the public and ticketed or free to enter) you’ll need to arrange the screening licence, entertainment licence and manage the event. We will however help with all this if needed, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! Screening licences (their posh name is STSL – Single Title Screening Licences) start at around £150 per film for free screenings, or 40% of your box office takings for ticketed shows.

Where do I get a screening licence (STSL) from?

We generally use Filmbank who have prices starting at around £150, or 40% of your box office takings. We can sort this bit for you. No worries.

How much space do I need?

For our smaller screen (image size 3.6m x 2.1m), we recommend a minimum space of 8m x 8m in which we can install our screen, projector and PA system , and in addition allow around 4m between the screen and the front row of your audience, so that your guests don’t have to sit too close. We also need an unrestricted height of 4m (we don’t want to be touching power cables as the screen is elevated).

For our bigger screen (image size 6.1m x 3.4m), we need space of 12m x 12m, and in addition allow around 6m between the screen and the front row of your audience. We’ll also need an unrestricted 6.5m for height too. He’s quite a big chap.

Do we need to pay in advance?

Yes, we need a 50% deposit at the time of booking and then the final 50% 30 days before the screening date. We’ll send you a booking agreement to sign once we’ve agreed a date and price, and the booking won’t be confirmed until we have your signed agreement.

It’s worth confirming the date you want as soon as you can, as we get booked up (particularly during the busy summer months) and we’d really rather not disappoint you!

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have full public liability insurance and a 100% safety record. We come from an events background and although most people yawn at health and safety stuff we lap it up and make sure all is in order, to give you (and us) a worry-free experience – every time.

Can you recommend films?

Oh yes, all day long! Certain films feel like they were made to be screened outdoors and under the stars (Dirty Dancing, Jurassic Park, Stand By Me, Grease, Back to the Future, Mamma Mia, Star Wars, Life Of Pi, The Sound of Music, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – we could go on!), and we’re happy to chat you through the most popular.

Other films are crying out to be screened in a location/venue appropriate to the subject/genre (Jaws on a beach, by a lake or swimming pool, Harry Potter in a Cathedral where it was filmed (yes, we did), The Blair Witch Project in the depths of a forest (shivers every time!), Guardians of the Galaxy at an Observatory, Night at the Museum in a (well, you get the picture). With a little imagination you can take your screening to the next level, and we’ll be happy to stimulate your ideas…

How does your screens work?

Our screens are part of the Cinebox Pro range from the US, and are among the best in the industry, offering easy installation (they inflate), a clean and bright white screen, and are strong enough to handle moderate wind speeds. We will need to weigh them down onsite, so our quotes are based on pegging them into grass or soft ground (think slightly thicker tent pegs). If you don’t want this on your lawn or venue, we can use weights instead, which we can provide.

What should we tell our audience/party guests?

There’s a whole set of FAQs that might be useful to you in our ‘COMING TO ONE OF OUR FILM SCREENINGS?’ FAQ section, you can view this by clicking here. We’re happy for you to use this info as the basis for your FAQs too.

The most important bit of info to share with your party guests or audience is that it can get pretty chilly as night falls, so extra layers of clothing (ideally waterproof) and blankets are never a bad idea. Torches can be handy too.

Do we need to provide power?

If you have a power supply, either in your garden, home or venue, that’s great. We don’t need much, ideally 2 x 13a sockets, ideally from separate sources (one for the screen’s inflator/blower, the other for everything else), that are no more than 50m from the screen. If it’s not possible, no problem, we can bring a small generator at no extra cost.

Can we project anything of our own onto the screen?

Of course. We can project whatever you’d like; a short film or video, photographs, company logos, messages, just let us know the format it’s in and we’ll work out how to put it up on the big screen.

What if it rains?

We can carry on regardless if it rains. The audience, unfortunately, will get wet. You’d be surprised how unaffected outdoor cinema goers seem to be when faced with a bit of rain, though. We’ve learned to be a hardy bunch in the UK, we suggest! Of course, if you have a wet weather plan and a venue close by that we can move to in the event of a really poor weather forecast, we’ll work with you on this to keep the show on the road.

What if it’s windy?

Our screens are fine in winds of up to 35mph, and if it’s that windy, people won’t want to be watching a film outdoors anyway! If wind speeds exceed this, for safety reasons the screen will have to be deflated and the screening postponed. It’s extremely unlikely, though. We cannot offer refunds in this instance, we’re afraid; one of the risks the audience and venue have to take with open air cinema!

Do you offer refunds?

If you have to cancel or re-schedule we will try and give a full or partial refund providing you give us enough notice and we can re-book the date. We’ll remain honest and transparent about this, and will always try and get the best outcome for all concerned.

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